Wing, desk screen, T20

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Scan Sørlie has desk screens for all working stations.

The Scan Sørlie desk screens are sound absorbent according to ISO standard.

Tt screen provides shielding, and with a toolbar they also make clear som space from the desk.

There are 3 different qualitys with 3 different mounting brackets.

The 2 cm thick screen has brackets to screw into underneath the desktop, mounted to have 33 or 45 cm screen height. The 4 cm thick upon-desktop screen is mounted with clamp brackets, with no screw into the desktop, height 50 cm. The 4 cm thick in-front-of-desk screen is also mounted with clamp screw, total height on the svreen are 65 cm. Both the two 4 cm thick models cam have toolbar.

All models  with MDF/particle or Rockwool/solid wood core.


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screw in the underside of the plate

Width cm
Length cm
Diameter cm
Height cm
Seat width cm
Seat length cm
Seat height cm
Armrest height cm
Number of legs st
Media hatches st
Thickness mm