What is sustainability?

Sustainability is a broad concept. For most people, it probably revolves around the environment, our planet, and the nature and resources it holds. For us at Scan Sørlie, the condition of our planet is a crucial reason why we strive towards a more sustainable business. However, for us, sustainability also encompasses more immediate concerns.

We want our business to create better and more sustainable working environments for our customers and employees, where people can feel and perform well – for a long time.

Our most immediate sustainability declaration is to consider the consequences our decisions have on those who work with us and for us. Naturally, this also includes the bigger picture: making decisions that are best for the world and the planet. We believe that one reinforces the other.

Sustainability report for 2023

We are proud to present the sustainability report of Götessons Design Group for 2023, which includes information of the group companies Götessons Industri AB, Akustikmiljö i Falkenberg AB, David Design AB, Götessons Design GmbH, Scan Sørlie AS and UAB Scan Sørlie Baltic.

Götessons Design Group has no statutory requirement to conduct a sustainability report. Why do we still choose to invest the time and energy required to produce one? The answer is simple – we think it is important that organizations take responsibility for their actions and activities. By showing our commitment, we hope to influence more companies to contribute to a sustainable development.

In this report you can read about our strategic sustainability work, associated objectives and the results of the work we have put in during 2023. Enjoy!


Miljøfyrtårn is an environmental management system for public and private enterprises that wish to document their environmental efforts. Scan Sørlie meets defined industry conditions and is certified.

The main principles of the environmental management system, the certification criteria, and the tools of Miljøfyrtårn are based on important principles of how a good environmental management system should be established, function – and create lasting positive effects on climate and the environment.

These are the main principles of a good environmental management system:

Strategic anchoring
Operational anchoring
Continuous improvement
Transparency and openness
Procedures and routines
Compliance with laws and regulations

Scan Sørlie has been environmentally certified from 1/6-2012.

Leader in Norway

Miljøfyrtårn is Norway’s most widely used certification for businesses seeking to document their environmental efforts and social responsibility. Over 9000 businesses, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations and municipalities, have been certified as Miljøfyrtårn. Miljøfyrtårn certification is recognized by authorities for public procurement and approved as environmental documentation in tender competitions.

Recognized in Europe

Miljøfyrtårn is the first national scheme in Europe to be recognized by the EU. Certified businesses can present the Miljøfyrtårn certificate as documentation when public clients in other European countries conduct competitions and require EMAS or other environmental management systems

Environmental Product

An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a concise third-party verified and registered document containing transparent and comparable information about the environmental performance of products throughout their life cycle. Both the underlying LCA (Life-Cycle Assessment) and EPD are always based on international standards.

At Scan Sørlie, we currently have 16 completed EPDs and are continuously working on the registration process to certify more products.

Program for the Endorsement of
Forest Certification/ Forest Stewardship Council®

Sustainable forestry with certification aims for the lowest possible environmental impact. Our supplier of timber provides wood-based panel products certified by the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC) or Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® license code: FSC-C018728). These products are made from material sourced from well-managed FSC®-certified forests, recycled materials, and other controlled sources.

100% of our suppliers are FSC certified, as well as the frame of chairs, sofa frames, laminate, screens, and HPL on all our board and storage furniture.

mobelfakta-no is the brand name/logo/furniture label that indicates our status as an environmentally certified manufacturer, and the furniture carrying it is environmentally declared/document and quality certified. The quality requirements document that the furniture is strong, durable, and safe for use. The criteria involve quality testing of furniture in an accredited laboratory, mainly following European quality standards.

We have “Mobelfakta” certificate for Apollo, Mr Box, OFF, Size, E-motion 2-leg sit/stand 3-joint frame, for rectangular top 1600×800, and 3-leg sit/stand 3-joint frame, for corner top 1800×1800 (800×600), Tekla chair, Edge Circle conference table, Edge table, E-motion conference table, McBar table, Cabinet with hinged doors, Tower cabinet, sliding door cabinet.


Svensk Möbelfakta

Working with Swedish møbelfakta will start this year, 2023.


Transport accounts for a small part of a furniture’s total environmental impact (RISE, Research Institute of Sweden 2018), but remains an important issue to address. Our furniture is large, making transportation inefficient per tonne-kilometer. Scan Sørlie’s transportation primarily involves moving products from subcontractors to the factory in Lithuania and from Lithuania to our customers in Norway.

Scan Sørlie utilizes freight companies such as Skandeka, DHL, Raben, Transautus, Delamode, and UPS for deliveries from the factory in Lithuania to Norway. Distribution within Norway is handled by Bring. Bring exclusively uses EURO 6 trucks and is engaged in initiatives to reduce environmental impact in line with the Paris Agreement.

The challenges for Scan Sørlie primarily include setting standards for other freight companies regarding social conditions for drivers and environmental impact through greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, managing the large number of freight companies used poses a challenge.


We have not mapped and assessed our suppliers from a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) perspective. We use few local suppliers whom we know well and have good communication with. A mapping and risk assessment are planned for 2023.

Scan Sørlie will be part of GDG’s Sustainability Reporting 2023, to be published in April/May 2024. The Sustainability Report is created with reference to GRI Standards 2021.

Our employees and our working environment

The work environment affects both health and engagement, as well as results and productivity. Therefore, it is important for us at Scan Sørlie to take the work environment seriously.

We ensure that all our equipment meets excellent standards in accordance with the law. General working conditions and occupational safety comply with the Lithuanian Labor Code, which fully aligns with international and EU rules and regulations. Equality policy and implementation establish the principles of equal opportunities in the business and the terms and procedures for implementation.

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that employees are not subjected to discrimination—direct and indirect discrimination, harassment, discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, language, origin, social status, religion, belief or creed, age, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, religious grounds.

General internal rules in accordance with the Lithuanian Labor Code that protect workers are documented in signed forms.


In recent years, numerous new legal requirements have been introduced, intensifying our commitments in the field of sustainability. This includes, for example, the Transparency Act, which mandates companies to investigate social conditions in their supply chains.

We have not mapped and risk-assessed our work environment from a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) perspective. The plan is to initiate this process in 2023.

Designing creative work environments is largely about creating workplaces where everyone is satisfied and well. We currently live in a world where many people experience significant pressure and stress, and we are convinced that the work environment plays a major role. A work environment for well-being and success. Common to all businesses is the desire to achieve success, even though this can be defined and measured in various ways. We believe that environments that promote well-being and creativity play a crucial role in this. Therefore, our products always evolve with the user in mind, aiming to create environments where one feels good and can perform optimally. An investment in good office solutions is not only a benefit for the individual employee but also for the overall business.


Responsible products

Taking responsibility for the environment also means creating sustainable products. In design and material selection, we always have this in mind. To ensure good control over the materials we use in our products, we have a close collaboration with our subcontractors. We require them to meet our standards. We always strive to think smart when developing products.


With MR BOX Meetingpoint, you can create a room within a room, consisting of two high sofas facing each other, a table, and a central wall. With padded walls, it feels like sitting in your own little world. It’s about blocking out sound and visual impressions while still having an overview of what’s happening in the surroundings. For the user’s sake, we have equipped Meetingpoint with carefully selected details that will have as little impact on the environment as possible. Among the selectable textiles, several have OEKO-Tex certification and are certified according to the EU Ecolabel. We have FSC tests on our products that provide documentation that the wood material comes from sustainable forestry and is FSC certified.


When the open workspace becomes too open, Scan Sørlie has modern desk screens, floor screens, and wall panels that are sound-absorbing according to the latest ISO standards. The absorption material used in our screens is A-classified. The tests are conducted by RISE, Research Institute of Sweden. Desk screens make the workplace more protected in smaller premises. Screen walls function as movable room dividers. They can delineate the individual workspace or be used to create zones. Wall panels can be combined with both desk screens and screen walls or used separately. Together or individually, all solutions will create a more balanced acoustic environment.

The design concept behind our acoustic solutions is to help make your workspace cozier and more defined when needed and more open when desired, contributing to making the workday efficient and more rewarding.



Scan Sørlie is proud to be contributors to the ‘Vocational Training Kenya 2023’ project to assist the local population in Giribe. Three families had houses built with the funds from the fundraiser. A Medical Camp was organized, providing free examinations, treatments, and medications. This resulted in a total of 2010 patients over three days, encompassing all age groups and types of illnesses.

Additionally, there was a vaccination program for young girls against the HPV virus, along with nutritious food distributed to individuals and families facing financial hardship and unemployment. Approximately 80 families received food that would last for about 2 months.


Furniture for refugees from Ukraine in Lithuania

Our factory is located in Lithuania, and we aim to contribute to social projects, especially in the local community where we are grateful to conduct our business. We wanted to support a project where one of our partners was renovating premises to accommodate and house up to 10 Ukrainian families. Our contribution involved donating furniture, and we are delighted to be able to help.



The military actions initiated by the Russian leadership in Ukraine affect us all. We have chosen to work with AR Browser, a company that creates high-quality 3D models and renderings of furniture. They are located in Ukraine. We aim to exclusively use their services to provide them with as much business as possible.