Wing, Floor screens



There might be a need for separating areas in a room, but not expedient to build a entire wall.

Floor screens are in 3 heights, all in 5 lengths. The chice of feet are standard feet(flat, with leveling screw), feet with adjusting screws or feet with castors. The screens can connect in straight series, corners and 3- or 4-ways connections.

When connected an I-foot can replace one of the feet in corners and joints.

The inside frame is solid wood, and the core are 4 cm Rockwool

Scan Sørlie offers 10 different fabrics as standard for all screens, in full color ranges.

Floor screen – shielding for visibility, sound and acoustic.


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Weight N/A
Width cm
Length cm
Diameter cm
Height cm
Seat width cm
Seat length cm
Seat height cm
Armrest height cm
Number of legs st
Media hatches st
Thickness mm

Esben Wingerei

Esben Wingerei is industrial- and furnishing designer. He prefers to be involved through the entire process – from an idea to the finished product. His main attention is a genuine understanding of the needs and the market demandings. He is always holding details and well-reasoned material combinations in focus.

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