The Apollo chair is plain and comfortable, and provides a number of choices. You may need a plain, veneer seating with no fabric at all, to ease the cleaning in soiled environments, or you might need fabric on the seat only, for a softer seating – you may want padding inside the shell, to let the outside match up with the table. Or – as most requested– you’d want a fully upholstered chair.

Add the fact that this chair comes in two different heights, with or without armrests, and that paddings comes either plain or piped on the backrest, and you’ll count a great number of variations.

On top of that the armrests can be upholstered or veneer only, and the legs can be in alu, black or chrome – this chair offers complete customizing.



Apollo with 4 legs are a chair for fullfilment.

It is plain and comfortable, and suitable in almost all serttings.

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