OFF table



One or two colors – it can be playful, or it can be classic, depending om use of colors.

The OFF sofa and table is a modular system, specifically defined by the designer how to combine. the legs are the defining issue – they are to be aligned, allways. That means no cornes aligns, when more modules are put together.

The buttons, seams and details also is essential in this design, and logical relative to the legs.

OFF offer opportunities literally in all directions. It is exiting, beatutiful, pleasing and – when you want – colorful. And it offers comfortable sitting for long, long periodes of time.

An exiting sofa, a combination of identity and conformity

No deviation unless rouls. No order unless chaos.


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Width cm
Length cm
Diameter cm
Height cm
Seat width cm
Seat length cm
Seat height cm
Armrest height cm
Number of legs st
Media hatches st
Thickness mm

Sigurd Strøm

Sigurd Strøm is a furniture and product designer based in Oslo. He studied at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. The main philosophy is to bring Norwegian tradition of furniture design and craftmanship into a contemporary context by using sustainable materials and high technology.and high technology.

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