Edge circular



Edge conference comes in sizes from Ø120 through Ø200, with a simple 4-legs frame.


A circular conference table, 2-pcs Ø180 cm plate with 4 straight legs on a square frame.


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Color undercarriage

Aluminium 93, Black 92

Width cm
Length cm
Diameter cm
Height cm
Seat width cm
Seat length cm
Seat height cm
Armrest height cm
Number of legs st
Media hatches st
Thickness mm

Jahn Aamodt

Jahn Aamodt is industrial designer, interior architect an the owner of Aamodt Design. “Design is more than nice or ugly!” Aamodt is strongly focusing on ergonomic and well functional embodiment – to serve the users needs perfectly. Jahn Aamodt also is a considerable name in Sweden within the design industry.

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