Dreamwork reception


An excellent first impression to your company. Very solid, very flexible, very reliable, with straight, clean lines. Dreamwork reception – DW for short – is in any way uncomplicatged, visualy and in use.

The reception is based on strisught lined modules, and following the design principles of the Scan Office Seris it can be equiped with equally looking, different kind of storing and accessories. It is arranged for having height adjustable desktops, and can be build straight or in angels. Besides – the price is very reasonable.

The two designs diverse only with or without the decor band, all the rest is the same.

The module system makes it easy to fit in size, and it also makes possible to adjust in size if necessary.

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Jahn Aamodt

Jahn Aamodt is industrial designer, interior architect an the owner of Aamodt Design. “Design is more than nice or ugly!” Aamodt is strongly focusing on ergonomic and well functional embodiment – to serve the users needs perfectly. Jahn Aamodt also is a considerable name in Sweden within the design industry.

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