ME office chair


The ME office chairs have a neck support that can be assembled/disassembled at a later date. ME has fabric in the back and seat. ME has adjustment options for the height of the armrests and the height of the back, and adjustable tilting resistance on the back for personal adjustment according to weight.

The chair is standard in black fabric/MESH and black cross, but with the option of white cross, light gray MESH and options for other fabrics on the seat/fabric back.

Technical Info:
  • Height: 102-115 cm
  • height neck support: 12-22 cm
  • largest width: 51,5
  • largest width cross: 71 cm
  • width seat: 48 cm
  • largest depth: 47 cm
  • depth seat: 41 cm
  • seat height: 41-53 cm
  • weight without neck support: 17,1 kg
  • weight with neck support: 17,8 kg
  • back height adjustment: 7 cm
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