VELA office chair


SKU: SC4069-1

Vela office chair with headrest has been in our range for several years, and successfully so.

The chair can be with or without armrests, and have any choosen fabric. Anyhow, as standard, and in stock it is all black, fabrix Fame.


A ergonomic and comfortable office chair is essential – a lot of people spend 8 hours or more sitting inthe same chair.

Technical Info:
  • Height: 100-111 cm + neck support
  • neck support: 17 cm
  • largest width: 72 cm
  • width seat: 47 cm
  • largest depth: 72 cm
  • depth seat: (not sliding seat)
  • seat height: 45-56 cm
  • CROSS BACK SUPPORT with height adjustment
  • 5 LOCKING POSITIONS on the back
  • height adjustment, armrest: 6 cm
  • slidning adjustment, armrest: 5 cm
  • weight: 15,5 kg
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SKU: SC4069-1