SIT standard without neck support


SKU: SC4162

A fine detail on this one is the tilt resistance, set by weight.

The backside have a little different looking frame.

It is standard in black frame and black Lucia fabric, but other fabrics are also possible.

“Little brother” SIT standard.

There are lot of family similarities with the other SIT office chairs, but having slightly less setting options.

  • Height: 98-118 cm
  • larges width: 71 cm
  • seat width: 46 cm
  • larges depth: 71 cm
  • depth seat: 42 cm
  • seat height: 41-54 cm
  • Back height adjustment: 7 cm
  • Back height adjustment: 8,5 cm
  • weight: 17 kg
  • Fabric: sort Era CSE 14
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SKU: SC4162
Weight17 kg
Width71 cm
Depth71 cm
Seat depth42 cm
Seat width46 cm